Stag weekends

Decide the number of people participating

The key step to make the decision is to participate in the festival at the festival. Make sure the group size is small because some activities need enormous waiting times if the group s ize is large. But you can see that the size of the group is not too small, since a small group would not be much fun. 8 to 12 people are perfect for a weekend gathering. This size would also make the community easier to handle.

Decide on the venue and date

Ask all members of the community and decide the place of the party. Find an environment with a variety of activities both during the day and at night. You browse the internet to find a good place for group choices. Decide even on the day the party is to be scheduled. Pick up a comfortable date to prevent disappointment for all group members.

Set budget ceiling

Set the budget ceiling for the weekend stag, after specifying the venue and date, with the financial situation of all members of the party in mind. Plan tasks carefully to avoid collections of the last minute. It is good that all members of the party deposit those sums with the treasurer per week. The members would not feel financial pressure. In order to stag weekends, you can also open a bank account and deposit money whenever you have money in your wallet.